Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer are two UK based artists who have worked in collaboration since 1991.  Their artworks range from photographic and light installations to large scale projection events and public art interventions. 

Their approach is often site specific, allowing the development of artworks to evolve in response to the context of a place and its unique qualities.  Observing the movement and flow of people within the space can also inform the nature and configuration of the artwork, so it connects strongly with the unfolding perception of the viewer.   Light, photography, optics and projection are frequently used in their artworks as means to open up, transform and blur the boundaries of built space.

Heinrich and Palmer have been frequently commissioned to create site specific artworks for galleries, museums, hospitals, schools and public spaces. They have worked as Lead Artists on a number of major art projects and have experience of working collaboratively with architects and contractors to integrate artworks from an early stage and advise on design issues.  Individual and collaborative studio-based work and research underpins the partnership's practice.