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1997 - 2001  Further information on artworks 

2001    Phiz
Photographic installation. Work developed during Year of the Artist residency at the Pathology Department of Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital. 


2000    Maximum Cube
Site specific interactive installation, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea. 


2000    Deep Theatre
Sound, light and video installation, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead.
Collaboration with artists Julia Manheim and Hans Peter Kuhn. 


1998    Blue Shift
Temporary light installation, Lansdowne Clock Tower, Bournemouth. 


1997    Blue Manifold
Installation for empty retail unit, Swindon. Commissioned by Public Arts Unit, Swindon Borough Council.


1997    4 Rooms
Interactive installation, Under Construction exhibition, Loughborough University. 







Phiz  [view slide show]
Two 11 metre long x 1.2 metres high Duratran images
The Walks, Basingstoke, 2001
Letterkenny Arts Centre, Ireland, 2002

Phiz was the result of work developed from a Year of the Artist Residency at Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital, Pathology Department during 2000/01.

This was a microscopic journey across a thin section of the human face.  Over a thousand photographs were used to map the surface of the artists' faces using a digital camera and stereoscopic microscope.  These were seamlessly joined together to create two long photographic transparencies set up to form a corridor through which the viewer can walk. 

Phiz explored the theme of magnification and scale.  The final images are at a similar magnification to that used in Pathology to analyze blood samples.   






Deep Theatre  [view slide show]
Sound, light and video installation, Norden Farm Centre Of The Arts, 2000
Made in collaboration with artists Julia Manheim and Hans Peter Kuhn
Commissioned by Norden Farm Centre For The Arts

This commission was developed and integrated within the design and build of the Arts Centre. 
The installation presents a constantly changing visual and aural panorama of the Arts Centre.  A single coherent live projected video panorama compiled from disparate views from CCTV cameras positioned around the site, can be viewed through a slot in the wall of dark sound lobby of the theatre.  A series of white lines are scattered around the site but appear coherent from the viewpoint of each camera.  This translates into a single white horizontal line that runs across all of the images. 

Behind the projection screen, a white chalk wall built from the chalk excavated from the building site is illuminated, fading backwards and forwards to the projected live imagery.  Live sounds from around the art centre interspersed with pre-recorded sounds are emitted from the slot.  

For Artpoint's case study of this project and the programme of commissions for Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, click here




Maximum Cube  [view slide show]
Interactive installation created specifically for the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill upon Sea, 2000
Commissioned by Lighthouse and BN1 in association with the De La Warr Pavilion 

Maximum Cube created an 11 metre walk way through the first floor of the Pavilion from the South Staircase to the smaller staircase on the north side of the building.  The link was an interactive passageway that led the viewer across a cube made from a translucent fabric membrane.  The floor on either side of the walkway was covered with large mirrors aligned to perfectly reflect the space above them.  This reflection together with real space created an environment whose real and virtual dimensions existed above and below the gallery floor.

Two dark ante-chambers situated at either end of the walkway did not have a reflective floor, and as the viewer moved through the passageway into the reflective space, the floor appeared to drop away.  The walkway at this point appeared to be a bridge that spanned the virtual depth. 

Back projected text flowed down across the walls towards the mirrored floor.  At the angle of incidence the text was programmed to flip into a mirror image of itself and move upwards at the angle of reflection, thus appearing to flow down through into the virtual space in the mirror.  The text was generated in response to people's movements across the walkway.

Maximum Cube was shown as part of Event Coast, a series of video and multi media commissions created for locations along the South Coast during 1999 and 2000. The installation was featured in Meridian's TV program The Frame: What is Art In The Third Millennium (2000).  





Blue Manifold [view slide show]
Display transparencies and video projection within empty retail unit, Swindon, 1997 
Commissioned by Public Arts Unit, Swindon Borough Council

Blue Manifold photographic installation comprising of two illuminated display transparencies (1.8 x 4.8 metres and 1.8 x .6 metres) and live video projection. The Blue Manifold was an illusory space created by photographic transparencies positioned at the front of an empty retail unit.  The image is large enough for the viewer to consider the possibility of stepping beyond the surface of the image into the blue space beyond.  The viewer and the street were monitored with a video camera and back projected live onto the illusory space of the blue manifold creating a reflection of the viewer on the glass sheet at the centre of the illusion. 




4 Rooms  [view slide show]
Interactive video installation created for Under Construction, Gallery Of The Future, Loughborough University, 1997

4 Rooms was developed during a residency with the Gallery of the Future at Loughborough University during 1997.  The installation was made with the assistance of staff from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Departments at the University.

This installation was devised as an interactive space which responded to the position and movement of the viewer.  A room was created using back-projected digital images which were generated in real time by a computer program written specifically for the project.  The perspective of the room altered according to the viewer's position which was detected by a series of movement sensors.

The installation was developed as a working model for future work with interactive environments.