Cat Amongst The Pigeons

Duratran light boxes within museum display cabinets, Beaney Institute, Canterbury, 2006
Commissioned and funded by Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council

Cat Amongst The Pigeons was commissioned as part of a programme of temporary works shown prior to the building’s refurbishment.  Four display cases containing a series of small paintings of local rural scenes were photographed in situ from every side using a 10 x 8 plate camera.  The resulting images were installed within these display cases to cover the interior glass surface of each case.  The images focused not only on the displays’ exhibits, but on the views and reflections of the Beaney that can be seen through the glass.

From certain angles the images corresponded with the space around them, appearing to the viewer that no change had taken place within the museum.  However a shift from these viewpoints and the images of these views became separated from the actual gallery to reveal these changes.