Six Duratran light boxes
Daliburgh Primary School, South Uist, Western Isles, Scotland, 2012
Commissioned by Sgoilteanura

Zoom is a series of double-sided, photographic light boxes that have been created for the main reception area and corridor of the new Daliburgh Primary School. The photographic imagery focuses on macro views of tiny samples of sand, plants and other particles collected from the Machair and shoreline of South Uist.  We worked with the architect Andrew Marshall of 3D Reid to integrate the light box design into the fabric of the building. An internal light source is housed between the partition wall to enable both sides of the wall to be used.

The artwork was developed in consultation with the whole school. They were keen that the new artworks would bring light and colour into the space and provide a welcoming focal point to the main entrance reception area. After a period of consultation and a week exploring the island, we developed a proposal that embraced some of these aspirations.