3m x 1m Duratran light box installation
Colin Bowler Reception, Churchill Hospital, Oxford
Commissioned by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust (2014)

Sakura is a light box installation created for the main reception area of Churchill Hospital.   We were asked to create an image of a pink cherry tree.  Rather than photograph a whole tree we were keen to use the opportunity to bring a sense of possibility to the space beyond by creating an illusory window on the back wall.

The view through this opening is of a cherry tree in full bloom.  Resting on the surface of this window sill lie fragments of blossom and leaves which appear to have be blown through into the space. The direction of the light falling onto this surface makes reference to the real window which is situated to the left of the light box.

The perspective of the illusion has been carefully considered so that it works with different viewpoints and the colour of the blossom is echoed in the wall colour of the reception area.