3.6 x 5.8 m Photographic print on dibond
Entrance atrium wall @Loudoun Square, Butetown, Cardiff, 2012
Commissioned by Loudoun Square Partnership

Axis is a photographic installation composed of hundreds of high-resolution digital photographs taken from the rooftop of Loudoun House tower block on the 1st February 2012. This panorama has been shaped in an elliptical form to fit with the atrium wall and to locate Tiger Bay at the centre of a broader view of Cardiff and the surrounding landscape.  The over-layering of images and viewpoints has been allowed to show through to suggest a sense of activity, change and memory.

Loudoun House was built on the site of the original Loudoun Square Park and is one of the tallest buildings in Cardiff. Its position along with neighbouring Nelson House, locates it at the heart of the Tiger Bay community making it a poignant place from which to photograph Butetown.

The idea for Axis came from learning about the history of the area from residents and local historians and is intended as a celebration, offering a unique perspective of Butetown as seen from the heart of the community.