Eastoke Kaleidoscope

Permanent stainless steel kaleidoscope and boardwalk designs for Eastoke Corner redevelopment, Hayling Island, Hampshire, 2007
Commissioned by Havant Borough Council

The coin operated seaside telescope is a recognisable piece of seafront furniture. The external form of the Kaleidoscope suggests the function of a telescope, yet the internal visual experience is entirely different and unexpected.  The viewer looks into the scope and sees a kaleidoscopic view of the beach, sea and sky combined with a glittering array of coloured and prismatic objects that swirl around in a particle chamber.

Eastoke Kaleidoscope is engineered from marine-grade stainless steel and the barrel is able to rotate 360 degrees horizontally around its axis and 45 degrees vertically.  Viewers can control the  rotation of the mirror system and the particle chamber separately.

The Kaleidoscope stand is angled and the seat movable, to allow easy wheel chair access.   It has been installed as part of an extensive regeneration program for the area, which includes a new viewing platform and walkway. Designs for a wooden boardwalk were also incorporated into the final landscaping of the area.