Ship of The Gods

Video, sound and light installation created for Hull Minster, Kingston upon Hull
Commissioned by Absolutely Cultured for Urban Legends: Northern Lights
29 November – 2 December 2018

Ship of the Gods is inspired by the Norse myth of Skidbladnir, a magical shape-shifting vessel which was large enough to carry all the gods and their equipment yet could be folded up small enough to fit inside a pocket.  We connected this story with the landscapes of Norway and Hull’s maritime history, reimagining Skidbladnir through the forms of the Arctic Corsair, the Spurn Lightship and models found within Hull Maritime Museum and Hull and East Riding Museum.

Using film, 3D laser scanning technology, sound and lighting effects, the ghostly, ephemeral Ship of the Gods sailed through the majestic space of Hull Minster.

Ship of the Gods was supported by the Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City, Hull City Council, Heritage Lottery Fund, Hull Culture and Leisure Ltd, Humber Museums Partnership and Arts Council England.
Landscape sequences created using open data provided by the Norwegian Mapping Authority, ©Kartverket,
Original 3D Lidar scans undertaken by CT Surveys and Laser Scanning UK Ltd.

 to original video and soundtrack.
Link to video showing whole video installation inside the interior of Hull Minster.
The video below shows the whole video installation both inside and outside Hull Minster.