Falling Water

Series of Duratran light boxes. The Lime, Liverpool (2014)
Commissioned by Liverpool City Council

In 2011 we were invited by Liverpool City Council to develop a series of site specific artworks for the redevelopment of Lime Court Health Centre in Liverpool. Working with the architect and contractor we designed and implemented a series of light boxes which were integrated into key areas of the building.

The aim of the commission was to bring a sense of light and possibility into the main foyer area and engage service users in the process to find themes for the imagery. Through this process the elements of water and light were identified – reflecting the design ethos of the redevelopment which includes a spa, hydro-therapy pool and multi-sensory room.

We were keen to represent wild water in a setting that was naturally enclosed to mirror the actual courtyard garden at the centre of the building. The artwork uses three main elements to link the architecture with the illusory spaces. These elements are the waterfall and limestone landscape, the architectural opening within the image, and the limes that rest and fall from the threshold into the space beyond.

The final installation comprises of a large corner light box (approx. 5 m x 1.8 m) which overlooks the entrance foyer and cafe area and a double sided light box (approx.1.2 m x .7 m) situated behind the reception area. The three images work together to suggest the natural cycle of water starting from a river source and ending at the sea.

The title ‘Falling Water’ suggests these natural forces, but also make reference to Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic modernist building built around a waterfall, whose architectural geometry and spatial relationships were a source of inspiration for the spatial composition for the large light box image.

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