Deep Theatre

Sound, light and video installation, Norden Farm Centre Of The Arts, 2000
Made in collaboration with artists Julia Manheim and Hans Peter Kuhn
Commissioned by Norden Farm Centre For The Arts

This commission was developed and integrated within the design and build of the Arts Centre.
The installation presents a constantly changing visual and aural panorama of the Arts Centre.  A single coherent live projected video panorama compiled from disparate views from CCTV cameras positioned around the site, can be viewed through a slot in the wall of dark sound lobby of the theatre.  A series of white lines are scattered around the site but appear coherent from the viewpoint of each camera.  This translates into a single white horizontal line that runs across all of the images.

Behind the projection screen, a white chalk wall built from the chalk excavated from the building site is illuminated, fading backwards and forwards to the projected live imagery.  Live sounds from around the art centre interspersed with pre-recorded sounds are emitted from the slot.

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