Light Wave

Digital Video, 14.45 mins, Solent Showcase, Southampton, November 2012
Commissioned by Solent Showcase for Lighten UP exhibition
Light Wave is an attempt to capture the elusive nature of light and matter and has been conceived as two circular projections, one the exact mirror of the other. Filmed using a high-speed camera at 2000 frames per second, this footage captures 11 seconds of pouring water which is played back over approximately 15 minutes. Slowing this process down by 80 times reveals movements and details that we would not normally be able to see and experience.

The water is poured into a spherical bowl until it reaches the level of the horizon line of the sea behind. The sphere enhances the sense of a cyclical process occurring as the sea appears to become inseparable from the water in the bowl. Just as each droplet captures an image of the world, and each part of the sea is dynamic, light from the world around becomes inverted and internally reflected by the rising water.