As The Crow Flies

24 metre long x 2.7 metre high panoramic image taken over 24 hour period
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, 2005

As The Crow Flies was commissioned by Gloucestershire Health Trust as part of
Leading the Way – a programme of integrated artworks for the new Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.  This 24 metre long x 2.7 metre high panoramic image was created for the A & E Link Corridor, connecting the old part the hospital with the new.  Twenty four images were taken with a 10 x 8 plate camera from the roof of the hospital tower, which together form a 360 degree view of Gloucester and the surrounding landscape.  The whole image was taken over a 24 hour period, with each panel depicting one hour of the day.

The panoramic image also has another aspect to it.  Hidden within the landscape are ten objects which relate to the place, inspired by the stories told by staff and local visitors who use the hospital.  These are scattered around the photographic landscape seamlessly merging with the image.  The objects were placed back into the location in which they are shown within the panorama, and could be possibly found if a person went to the actual place.

As The Crow Flies was intended as a snapshot of one particular day and a celebration of the old and new coming together.  The placement of the objects within the landscape echoes this idea but also acknowledges their ongoing existence in the present moment – the objects may still be there or may have been found, blown away or disintegrated.