The View Finders

8 camera obsurae, Robert Blake and Elmwood Secondary School, Bridgwater, 2012
Commissioned by Somerset County Council (SCC); Contractor: BAM; Facilitator: RIO

In 2009 we were appointed as Lead Artists to develop artworks for a new BSF secondary school in Bridgwater, Somerset.  Over a period of three years we worked with the schools, the design team and the developer BAM, to integrate a number of artworks and design solutions into the fabric of the new school. Our appointment as Lead Artists at the initial stages of the project meant that the artworks were able to be embedded within the process at a very early stage.

The View Finders are eight cameras obscurae which have been integrated within the new school building. Each camera obscura passes through the walls of the building forming an image onto a ground glass screen of the view beyond.

The students were keen to have spaces in their school that were animated and unexpected.  The View Finders use natural light and optics to create an inverted and cinematic view of the world that is quite different to the experience of looking through a conventional window.