Adverse Camber

Site specific installation, Hanley City Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent, 1992
Commissioned by Hanley City Museum & Art Gallery and funded by West Midlands Arts

Adverse Camber was a large scale photographic installation commissioned specifically for the indoor Sculpture Court at the City Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent.  The installation operated on a number of different levels and could be viewed from the three floors within the museum.
The title referred to the sloping screen which was built across the large court at the centre of the museum.  Projected images focused onto the five white areas to create an illusion of looking into a room.  These projections changed over time to create a space that was constantly evolving.

Beneath the screen was a large space defined by the supporting structure.  From this structure hung five glass-topped cases each containing a sloping white screen.  Holes cut into the large screen above allowed fragments of the projected images into the space below.  Mirrors positioned directly behind these holes reflected the projections down onto the small sloping screens within the cases.

The intention of the installation was to draw a parallel between this manipulation of images and the way in which cultural institutions create a particular context for the understanding and interpretation of objects and images.