Large scale projections, Unitarian Church, Brighton, 1996
Commissioned by BN1 Visual Arts Project

The title Fastbuild referred to a building technique where architectural facades and styles are used to clad steel frames. Architectural features such as pillars and pediments may only bear symbolic weight rather than having a structural function. These ideas are synonymous with Fastbuild and the ambiguous nature of light projection as a material to build an architectural illusion.

The Greek Revival facade of the Unitarian Church provided a strong architectural and stylistic framework with which to work. The symbolic nature of this facade could be subverted then reinforced as key elements such as the pillars and architrave were altered or pulled apart. The three dimensional qualities of the facade were utilised to create a series of spaces and structures that appeared animated as the viewer walk passed.

Each of the images were created by photographing scaled architectural models based on the dimensions of the actual building. A 10″ x 8″ view camera allowed for multiple exposures and tilt-shift control to create high resolution slide images.